Frances is a UK based artist, who works with watercolour and gold leaf to create unique images that celebrate the natural and metaphysical world. Entomology and iconography meet in her work, juxtaposing the realism of these jewel-like creatures with the lustre of 24ct gold. Surrounding each magnificent beast, the geometric designs speak of timeless sacred geometry.



Meticulously applied by hand, using traditional techniques, the gold leaf takes on multiple levels of significance. Gold has been coveted and worshipped throughout human history, its value implied and applied for millennia. It features prominently in religious and spiritual practices the world over.

Acknowledging this metaphysical quality, Frances creates unique geometric designs that mirror compositions of iconography from all over the world. Created organically, she works intuitively without firmly set ideas of outcome. The designs come into existence as they interact with the focal insect.


Questions of value are central to her body of work. The value of a single beetle might seem insignificant next to the value of a precious metal, such as gold. And yet without insects there would be no life on this planet.

The beetle is, in fact, invaluable.


 There is alarming news about rapidly declining insect populations around the globe. These paintings and prints hope to spark some awareness of their plight. The preservation of these brilliant creatures is of paramount importance.

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Using Daniel Smith watercolour paints and the finest handmade, archival cotton paper she pushes the medium to its fullest capacity.
The results are crystal clear, with pin-sharp detail and astonishing colour.